Car accessory two in one: Baby mirror and ipad case.

Baby mirror & ipad case

One side incorporates a mirror, allowing you to keep your baby in sight at all times when the child is facing away from the direction of travel. The other side serves as a practical travel case for your iPad.

Mirror included.

Ipad case installed on the car seat headrest

Rear view mirror  offers a wide view of baby when car travelling

Two in one:
Child surveillance mirror
and ipad case.

To use as a mirror, simply install the product in the headrest of the backseat. This will give you a clear view of your baby from the driver’s seat, via the car’s rearview mirror. Alternatively, flip it over and use it as a rest for your iPad.


mirror offers a wide and clear vision of child.

Wide, clear angle of vision

The mirror’s convex shape offers an unobstructed vision of the child and its surroundings.

Mirror made on anti-shock surface.

Mirror with anti-shock surface

Manufactured using acrylic material, meaning it will not break or shatter in the event of impact, thereby offering maximum safety for your child.

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