Espejo de vigilancia Babypack con marco textil negro para instalar en los asientos traseros del coche y visualizar al bebé que viaja a contramarcha

Backseat rear view mirror

It's a practical mirror that keeps your baby always insight.  Installed in the rear seat headrest, offers a clear view of the child from the driving position.

• Cushioned frame.
• Measures: 23 x 15 cm


Espejo trasero de vigilancia Babypack ofrece un campo de visión amplio y claro
Wide, clear angle of vision

The mirror’s convex shape offers an unobstructed vision of the child and its surroundings.

Espejo trasero de viglancia Babypack fabricado en material anti golpes
Mirror with anti-shock surface

Manufactured using acrylic material, meaning it will not break or shatter in the event of impact, thereby offering maximum safety for your child.

Espejo trasero Babypack muy fácil de instalar en el reposacabezas del asiento

how to use it

Installing the mirror
in the car rear seat headrest

Adjustable flap

Adjust the lower flap to the contour of the headrest. Secure the safety lock to the ring located on the upper part of the mirror and pull the strap until the mirror is securely fastened. Finally, place the mirror at such an angle that it offers a clear view of the child from the driving position.

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