Pregnancy car safety belt

The Babypack® Pregnancy safety Belt 2 Fit acts by holding back the abdominal belt car seat belt so as to position it over the lower part of your belly, preventing it from rising up and over your belly. Thus, you avoid the discomfort that can be caused by use of a vehicle seat belt during pregnancy.

• Recommended from the 2 month of pregnancy.


El cinturón para embarazadas Babypack posiciona el cinturón del coche bajo el vientre protegiendo al bebé en gestación
From the second month of pregnancy

Prevents the safety belt up to the pregnant belly, protecting the mom and the unborn baby.

Cinturón para mujeres embarazas con 3 puntos de fijación
Three support points

It has two modes of installation. Using its two sidebands or only using its central band so you can choose the appropriate installation for each moment.


Use 1

Using its two sidebands:

Very practical and more comfortable when you wear a skirt or a dress since it is not necessary to use the central band.

Use 2

Using its central band

In a quick and simpler way the central belt of the pregnancy bump belt lowers the vehicle abdominal belt so that it is below your belly. Ideal for when you wear pants.

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