Calienta biberones Babypack de color beige para enchufar en el mechero del coche

Travel bottle warmer

Babypack Insulated travel warmer features a totally unique heating element with insulated design that stretches and contours to any bottle shape, warming it quickly and evenly.

• Available in several colors.
• Cover fabric washable. 


El calienta biberones Babypack se adapta a biberones y botellas
Fits every bottle shape perfectly

It’s manufacturated in a elastic fabric that stretches to fit the bottle shape.

El calienta biberones Babypack se enchufa en el mechero del coche
Universal plug

Plugs into any vehicle lighter.


Calienta biberones Babypack color rojo


Calienta biberones Babypack color rosa


Calienta biberones Babypack color beige


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